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AARPCV Mentoring & Readjustment Services


Sometimes it's helpful to have the ear of someone who has been through a similar situation. The AARPCV Mentorship Program aims to allow Applicants and RPCVs to easily connect with a volunteer mentor willing to provide guidance and share their personal experiences preparing for Peace Corps service, readjusting after their Peace Corps, networking socially and professionally. The AARPCV Mentorship Program also aims to give returned volunteers an outlet to share their infinite wisdom!

Signing up for the mentorship program is easy. Fill out the relevant questionnaire, and we will do our best to match you up with a mentor/ee with similar interests, location, and intentions. Participants are welcome to complete both applications if desired.

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Pre-Service Mentoring

Nearly all Returned Volunteers will tell you that joining Peace Corps was the biggest life changing decision they have ever made. It can be filled with excitement and euphoria mingled with times of self-doubt and stress. Our returned Volunteer mentors are available to give honest advice, listen to your concerns, help you through the decision process, through the rough patches and finally, to prepare to leave for service.


Readjustment Mentoring

For returning Peace Corps Volunteers, sometimes the hardest thing about the Peace Corps is adjusting to life back home. RPCV AARPCV mentors can help recently returned PCVs readjust and navigate the process of coming back or simply provide a sympathetic ear.


Career Mentoring

Whether you're recently returning, considering Peace Corps, or have been returned now for some time, the member community contains a deep wealth of professional experience. We all know that Peace Corps volunteers go far and wide and do amazing things with their lives. Sign up for career mentoring and we will try to match you with an RPCV in your target career industry who can share their personal experience navigating and working in that industry with you.

Member Events

AARPCV regularly hosts Readjustment events such as the New Member Brunch and Career Night.

Check our Calendar for upcoming Readjustment events!

Readjustment Resources 

Peace Corps: Support Services

Peace Corps' website offers access to information and documentation you need to manage your health care, career, taxes, and student loans after your service!

National Peace Corps Association: Health & Education

NPCA's website offers information on post-Peace Corps health care, getting help for service-related health conditions, and educational scholarships for NPCA members.

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