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Atlanta Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (AARPCV)

Welcome to the Atlanta Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Association!

Welcome to the Atlanta Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteer Group!

Temporary Notice:  AARPCV and NPCA are moving to a new platform.

In the interim, if you wish to join AARPCV, please email


Greetings AARPCV community,


Firstly, as we are a National Peace Corps Association affiliate group, I encourage everyone to renew or begin their free NPCA membership and link it to the Atlanta Area Returned Peace Corps Volunteer group here:


And you can contact your representatives to advocate for Peace Corps here:


AARPCV has had a mentor/mentee program for some time. While it may not be the best place to take care of immediate or one off needs, it is a great way to establish a one on one connection with an established RPCV. We are always looking for more mentors/mentees so please sign up if you’re interested:

Beyond these digital resources, please know that we as a community stand with you in these unusual times. Feel free to reach out to me personally if you have any questions or concerns and stay safe out there.


Beth Long

AARPCV President

Upcoming Events

Here are the upcoming events happening throughout the AARPCV community. 

Recent News

Be kept up to date with the latest news happening within AARPCV and NPCA. 

What We Do

In response to the third goal of Peace Corps, “Helping promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans,” AARPCV provides a structure for continuing the commitment to positive social action, global education, and community service.