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RPCV Mentor Program
        Making life easier for returning volunteers.

For returning Peace Corps Volunteers, sometimes the hardest thing about the Peace Corps is adjusting to life back home. That’s why the National Peace Corps Association, in conjunction with the Peace Corps, has created a unique program to help returning volunteers link up with RPCV mentors.
AARPCV members participate in the RPCV Mentor Program to help RPCVs transition to life back in the U.S. Contact Susan Susan and  Amanda for more information.


Mentoring:  Don't Be a Fish Out of Water

Do you ever feel like a fish out of water or remember what it was like?  Whether you are just coming home from Peace Corps or you've been back a while, the RPCV Mentoring Program is for you.  Tap into the experience of someone who knows what you are going through.  Help someone with the transition back to the U.S.

Sign up now at www.rpcvmentoring.org!  

AARPCV * P.O. Box 687 * Decatur * GA * 30031