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International Donations

As part of our continuing commitment to Peace Corps activities around the world, each year AARPCV raises funds to contribute to volunteer projects through the Peace Corps Partnership Program. The International Committee searches for potential funding opportunities, specifically targeting those projects submitted by PCVs from the state of Georgia.

Projects are presented to the Board, and if the Board agrees on the project’s potential, more detailed information is obtained from Peace Corps/Washington.  The projects are then presented at an AARPCV gathering and put to a vote.  If the majority of RPCVs vote to fund the project, the International Committee, with the aid of the Financial Committee, works to ensure that this donation is made.  Projects can be funded in whole or in part.  Visit the Peace Corps Partnerships Program website for more information.

We are proud to announce that thanks to the leadership of our International Committee members, Kristin and Christine, AARPCV is in the process of donating $3,000 to a Peace Corps Partnership Project for a PCV from Georgia who is serving in Togo. The project will help fund the construction of a maternity house where women can stay during their last month of pregnancy to alleviate the need to travel over challenging terrain, as well as to have immediate access to a midwife.

Visit the International Donations Archive to View Past AARPCV Supported Projects

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