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February 13, 2013
Susan Caster


AARPCV started 2013 with the announcement and opening of its 30th anniversary! Returning to its roots, AARPCV hosted the Annual General Meeting and First Quarter Potluck at the home of Susan Caster (Ghana, 1977-1981).  Susan served as the key leader in the foundation of AARPCV, helping to create the original Steering Committee.  She even hosted the very first AARPCV meeting at her home back in the summer of 1983.  Around 50 RPCVs, new and returning to AARPCV, congregated to discuss past events of the organization and future prospects.

2013AARPCVEvents/1Q2Potluck2013.jpgThe annual theme, AARPCV 30th Anniversary, was presented to the membership, with a quarterly regional theme attached.  The first quarter potluck’s theme, “The Americas,” brought a delicious spread of foods prepared by members – quite possibly the tastiest spread yet!  As RPCVs introduced themselves and indicated their country of service, volunteers had the opportunity to meet new members, some of whom are process of seeking a job.
AARPCV aims to support its members and plans to host a Networking Night (details TBA) in order to facilitate contacts amongst new members.  The potluck also discussed the advent of an AARPCV Book Club, with its inaugural meeting to be held the first Sunday in April.

The next potluck, which will take place in April, will be a joint initiative with the Peace Corps Regional office.  Peace Corps Invitee Volunteers preparing for their volunteer service will join the celebration to meet returned volunteers and pick up advice along the way.  The regional theme for the Second Quarter Potluck will be “Africa.”


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