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 April 6th, 2013

In the late afternoon on April 6th, 2013, over 30 wine aficionados gathered in the Kirkwood neighborhood for a successful fundraising event, at the lovely home of host Kristin Unzicker.  Tying into the second quarter theme of the 30th Anniversary of AARPCV, the featured wines all came from Africa.  The group tasted three whites and then three reds, most of which were from South Africa.

Each attendee donated $30 at the door, so after the wine inventory payments, the Development Committee estimates that AARPCV earned around $700, which will go toward funding local community organizations as well PCP projects from Georgia volunteers serving overseas.

Ryan Mullins of Quality Wines generously donated is time to enlighten us and be our expert sommelier once again.   Always enjoyable and delighted to share his knowledge, AARPCV appreciates his continued support in fundraising efforts.  Thanks to all who attended for a successful endeavor!

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